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Urmila Shrestha

Urmila Shrestha had engrossed herself into music right from a very tender age. When she was still a kid, she used to sing and while in school, she had already introduced herself as a singer with immense talent. She even used to sing while doing household chores with her sister Nirmala Shrestha. She performed for the first time on stage when she was 17. The occasion was the anniversary celebrations of Padma Kanya College. The song was “Chadani Dilko Thiyo Kina Andhakar Gari Gayo”, which was written by MBB Shah and composed by Gyan Bahadur.

One of her friends, Mandira Pradhan and her senior Basudev Pradhan always encouraged her to sing for which she was very indebted. Besides them, there were other friends and relatives who coerced her to sing and she never disappointed them. Music always made her happy and was a constant source of complete satisfaction. Because of her singing capabilities she became quite a popular personality in the neighborhood. She was even appointed as a secretary to the palace and was one of the members of Lok Sewa as well. Though she was involved in her work, she never gave up singing. She was indeed a well-known singer by now and was known in every nook and corner of the country and along with her, her sister Nirmala Shrestha was equally gaining popularity.

Urmila Shrestha was born on Ashar 20, 2000 BS in Teud, Kathmandu to Batslal Shrestha and Jhuma Devi Shrestha. When still a kid, her parents had already figured out that she would have an excellent future because of the talents she possessed. She was equally good in her academics as well. While indulging in music as well as in her work, she completed her MA, BL. She has also completed her Social Developmental Diploma Course from Canada.

Her relation with Hiranya Bhojpure was indeed the best thing that happened to her life. They were termed as a ‘Heu Jodi’ and their collaboration in the field of music after 2020 BS was worth of unprecedented praises which also heralded a new chapter in the music industry of Nepal. With just about 150 songs under her belt then, but still she ruled the music scene with her enchanting voice.

All was not so smooth sailing though. While still working at the government office where she was appointed, she was fired all of a sudden. However, she didn’t give up and fought for her rights. She went all the way to court and was reinstated. It was only after this that she was appointed as a secretary at the palace. In 2058 BS when her only child Situ got married, the late King Birendra made a special appearance at the occasion. This was indeed one of the memorable times of her life. When he had inquired her about her past as well as her husband’s Hiranya Bhojpure’s, their entry in the music scene and so on and so forth…she was elated and till date she cherishes that moment.

She has been awarded with Suprabal Gorkha Dakshin Bahu, Rajkriya Pragya Padak among others. She is actively involved in social work as well and is still continues to deliver fantastic music.

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