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Address & Introduction

नइ प्रकाशन
नइ प्रकाशन टोल- ७, घट्टेकुलो (अनामनगर)
पोस्ट बक्स : ११४४१, काठमाडौं
टेलिफोन : ४७७१४५५, ४७७०५८०,
९८५१०१६८९९, ९८४१२२४५९३

Nai Academy
Nai Tole- 7, Ghattekulo (Anamnagar)
Post Box No : 11441, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel.: 00977-1-4771455, 00977-1-4770580,
9851016899, 9841224593


Nai Academy is named after the first letters of litterateur Narendra Raj Prasai and Indira Prasai. Nai Academy, ever since its establishment, has been meditating in the world of Nepali language, concentrating on the philosophy of ‘universal brotherhood.’ Founded with the aim of uplifting ‘Nepali literature,’ it has always honored norms and values of tradition and culture and will always continue to do so. The recognition of talents in the country and abroad is one of the main objectives of this literary organization.

Nai Academy has been engaged in identifying and appreciating talents in the fields of Nepali art and culture, language and literature, social services, science and technology, schools of thought, games and sports, and alike. It is also engaged in conducting various literary programs from time to time and in publishing different varieties of books.

Nai Academy, ever adhering to pure Nepali values, norms, and assumptions, is well on course to give exposure to every talent’s constructive skills. Indeed, after being born and expecting a cherishing life, it is the solemn duty of each and everyone to dedicate themselves to singing in praise of one’s motherland. In this context, this organization is proudly inspired by the belief that service in the literary field is also an important aspect of service to the whole nation.

Narendra Raj Prasai & Indira Prasai

Nai Academy

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