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Prem Prakash Malla

“Banki Ma Chari Kasley Sunla Kathai Bari
Mero Manko Bilauna, Hayahaya Manko Bilauna!”

Prem Prakash Malla is among those few modern artists who has a deep passion for patriotic numbers. We do not mean that he does not do justice to other genre of music with the same ease and comfort. He is equally good in singing modern songs as well as folk. He does not only sing, he composes his own music and writes his own songs as well. There are just a handful of artists who can be spoken of in the same breath.

He is a quite respected figure in the Music scene of Nepal. Despite of him contributing few songs, each one has been real masterpieces. No wonder, he has a large fan following in every part of the country and has inspired many to follow in his footsteps.

He was born on Shrawan 15, 1993 BS in Musikot, Rukum. He started singing since his early days and was really into it from an early age. By the time he reached 18, he had become a master in his own right…perfecting every detail of his music. Everyone around him was in awe of his capabilities and was sure that he was someone very special. With the ease and comfort that he performed on stage, it was only obvious that he was a ‘gifted’ artist. But the most interesting aspect of it all was that Prem Prakash Malla had no other selfish motives. He performed only for his own mental peace and self satisfaction. For him, music has always been a passion and a medium to achieve peace. The feelings that he puts into while singing patriotic songs is something one has to witness it live to get a comprehensive picture of what we have been trying to say. It is something out of this world. It is with the same ease and comfort that he also sings love and songs based on nature.

“Machapuchrey Fewatalma Paudi Kheldo Raicha
Pokharata Sachikai Pokhara Nai Raicha!”

As soon as he completed his studies till bachelors he started looking for a permanent job. And after getting one at a government office, he was so involved in it that he didn’t get much of a time for his music. He gave 27 years of his life to his work and after Democracy, he was fired from his job. This incident broke his heart. The reason given for the firing from the government was because he had sung songs in favor of the King.

He was now a jobless person and at the same time he was physically not keeping to well. During this time, his one and the only son Madhur expired. This incident broke him up mentally as well. He became a dead soul. All of these unfortunate developments also led to an unfavorable environment at home. He survived with the help of few friends who were sympathetic towards his state of affairs. By now he was in a pretty bad shape health wise. In Poush 2058 BS, he was admitted at Teaching Hospital. Few genuine well wishers who used to look up to him collected money for his treatment. The only two people who were by his side through thick and thin were his wife Mahendra Kumari and his daughter. Though the government did nothing to help improve his situation the society came forward to rescue him, after all he was a respected figure to them.

“Matomathi Ladibudi Kheli Rakhu Jasto Lagcha
Dhunga Lai Moi Khandai Hidi Rakhu Jasto Lagcha!”

Prem Prakash though born in Musikot migrated to Nepalgunj in his early days. He regretted in leaving his birthplace throughout his life. After his son died he decided to add Madhukar to his name. It was only after the death of his son whom he loved very much that he started losing all hope started taking refuge in music again.

He is not only a great singer, an outstanding composer and a talented lyricist but also a decent writer. His articles have been very well received and the amount of literature that he has written are worth reading, some of which are Madhukar: Choto Jiwani, Lamo Kahani; Tyo Euta Ajaya Shikhar and Anubhutika Sworharu.

Narendra Raj Prasai

Nepali to English
Translated by
Dipti Sherchan

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