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Kamala Shrestha

Swor Samrat Narayan Gopal and Kamala Shresha did the kathanak geet of Laxmi Prasad Devkota’s ‘Munamadan’. The kathanak geet was popular because of its lyrics and music together with its vocal performances. The way Kamala Shrestha presents herself to the mass with her voice is simply incredible.
Kamala Shrestha had started singing when she was still a small kid. She loved to dance as well and proof of her talents in dancing can be witnessed in the Nepali film titled ‘Hijo Aaja Bholi’. With time, she stopped dancing and started concentrating on only singing. She has till date now, sung around 400 numbers covering different languages and melodies.
She was born to a very conservative family and during that period, it was indeed a very difficult for her to start her career. However, she did not give up and kept trying and because of her hard work and a little help of one of her bother-in-laws — Bishwanath Bimal began her association with Radio Nepal. Later, he also introduced her to Natikaji, which indeed benefited her tremendously. She was just about 13 years old when Natikaji himself was mesmerized by her voice. He was so impressed with her that he volunteered to train and take her under his wings. Because of his influences, it was an easy access for her to Radio Nepal and further promote her songs. This enabled her to brush shoulders with other prominent artists. Radio Nepal also provided her with the opportunity to polish up her already existing talents in singing. She was at her best when singing bhajans, newari songs, Bhojpuri numbers, patriotic numbers, modern adhunik songs and folk tunes.
As her visits to Radio Nepal frequented, her relationship with Natikaji as well as with Shiva Shankar began to grow even stronger. She was open to learning anything on music and never got tired of it. In 2024 BS, during the anniversary celebrations of Radio Nepal, she had participated at a singing competitions. She sang “Naugediko Mala Mero” and was able to bag the prestigious first prize. The same year, she was awarded by King Mahendra with some cash and a gold medal along with a certificate. This honor really encouraged her to continue singing. At times, she also used to get invitations from the palace to sing songs for the distinguished guests.
In 2025 BS, her singing capabilities took Kamala Shrestha to Nachghar. She was appointed immediately with a job at the Nachghar in 2026 BS and drew a monthly salary of Rs 150. With time, she was promoted to the post of an officer and currently draws a salary of Rs 8000.
She was born on Kartik 9, 2005 BS in Kathmandu to Ram Bahadur Shrestha and Indra Maya Shrestha. When she was 21, she got married to businessman Tara Ratna Sthapit. Theirs were a love marriage! They have three sons Uday, Binaya and Babin.
Kamala Shrestha gave much preference to music rather than her academics. She has only passed her class nine but has completed her bachelors in music from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Illahabad. When she got married, everyone dreaded with the thought that she would quit singing. In some ways, her husband also wished the same. However, she was able to convince her husband and continued singing. She has traveled to almost all major places in Nepal and has performed in India, China, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Japan among other nations as a gallant ambassador of Nepali music.

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