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Jagat Mardan Thapa

“Bhana Lau Timi Nadhati Kasari Bujhau Yo Dil
Herera Khali Tasvir Kati Din Bujhau Yo Dil?”
Sung by: Lili Singh, Composer: Jagat Madarn Thapa, Lyricist: MBB Shah
Jagat Madarn Thapa is again one of those very respected figures in the Music industry of Nepal. In 2020 BS the song, “Bhana Lau Timi Nadhati” sung by Lili Singh for which the composition was done by Jagat Mardan Thapa became so famous that just one single song brought him instant recognition. He became so popular that he was even called to the palace for an audience with the king. This song was written by MBB Shah and so impressed was everyone that he was honored with Biritik Puraskar by the then King Mahendra.
He was born on Asar 17, 1995 BS to maha senani Nar Mardan Thapa and Bhoj Kumari Thapa. Since childhood Jagat Mardan Thapa used to sing songs, play the harmonium and other musical instruments. However he started singing professionally only from 2013 BS and since then things went really well for him as far as his musical career was concerned.
Though he was a singer and musician of immense caliber and likewise very popular, many people appreciated him more as a composer. His music touched the souls of the general people and thus, is revered even today.
“Kuiro Sanga Dadha Kadha Mero Man Khelcha
Pari Gauki Kanchilai Mero Dil Rojcha!”
Vocal, composition and lyrics: Jagat Mardan Thapa
It all began when Jagat Mardan Thapa visited Radio Nepal in 2017 BS and then on there was no looking back. He had a very good relation with some influential people at Radio Nepal. But before he sang his first song, he went to Calcutta to record at HMV, a step considered to be impossible for a middle class young lad. Indeed, this was also the reason that he was looked up to as having achieved.
He is also considered to be quite a literary figure. He writes fine songs, poetry and well-versed articles. His book comprising of songs called ‘Dilko Awaz’ and a story book entitled ‘Palasko Phool’ is already in the market and have received great reviews. Most of his poems, plays and stories have been aired through Radio Nepal since 2016 BS.
Jagat Mardan Thapa married Shanti Devi in 2023 BS. They have three daughters and a son. Like their father the children are also keenly into music but till date none of them have taken it professionally.
It was none other than Lili Singh who impressed upon him that classical music played a vital role in an artist’s life. They had met in Calcutta when he gave her a song written by King Mahendra to sing. Later he came to know that the main reason for the song that became such a hit was because of the knowledge and how well versed Lili Singh was in classical music.
For Jagat Mardan Thapa, having a thorough knowledge in classical music was to take music to a different level altogether. Therefore he has been learning since 2057 BS from Prabhu Raj Dhakal. He also received some basic education in music from Padmodaya High School and later Mahendra Bindeshwori High School from Yadu Wansh Lal. He has also learned classical music from Rangrav Kadambari.
Though he was doing exceedingly well in the music field, he decided to take a break for a couple of years, a decision which he was to regret in the latter years. Nevertheless, most of the songs which he sang forty years back are still loved by many.
“Badalko Aasu Karkaley Patma Jasari Bagdacha
Madhuro Timro Samjhana Sara Aasu Bhai Bagdacha!”
Vocal, composition and lyrics: Jagat Mardan Thapa
Everyone knew that he was good in what he was doing i.e. singing and composing but in the latter years he started being disinterested about this whole affair and started concentrating more on other works. The main reason for this was because of financial contraints. He kept silent for nearly 33 years but whenever he used to look back that one person whom he always adored and looked up to was none other than King Mahendra. In his professional career at a government office he was doing well and during this time he was honored with Prabal Gorkha Dakchin Bahu and Trishakti Padh. Though he was decorated with such titles he is now seldom remembered by the general public.
With time he retired from work and it was only after this that he realized what music had meant to him which according to his own admission, he had literally forgotten. And since he had free time in his hands he decided to go back to music. He had taken a gap of 40 long years! Now he was back with a bang. He has just released an album ‘Chalis Barsha Aghi Ra Chalis Barsha Pachi’ under the Music Nepal label.

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