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नइको चिनारी

Hirannya Bhojpure

“Rato Bhaley Koik Koik Sutkerilai Khoi
Sutkeriko Nama Gari Tauko Maile Khaye
Ye! Hoina Maile Dhateko
Satyesatye Dharo Dharma Jhuto Kura Chaina Boleko
Kukhuri Ka…!”
Sung by: Hiranya Bhojpure and Ganesh Rasik, Lyrics and composition by: Ganesh Rasik

There was a time when songs sung by Hiranya Bhojpure and Ganesh Rasik had reached every nook and corner of the country and beyond. Whatever song they sang, it was a sure shot hit! Hiranya Bhojpure during his time was one of the outstanding stars of the Nepali music scene.

He was born on Mangsir 12, 1999 BS in Deurali, Bhojpur to Chandi Prasad Shrestha and Laxmi Devi Shrestha. Hiranya Bhojpure started singing since his early childhood. His parents were equally impressed by their son’s talent and capability. He sang from his early days and was good in his studies as well. He never neglected his studies because of his passion for music. With time and because of his contribution to music, his hometown Bhojpur also made the headlines very often.

In 2019 BS, he went to Hetauda and devoted all his time and energy in music and social work. Though he stayed there for just two years he was a respected figure in the region. Along with his involvement with some other like minded friends, he established a cultural institution called ‘Nawa Kala Kunj’ in Hetauda. It was during this time Hiranya Bhojpure was able to polish his skills in music under the guidance of some local artists of Hetuda namely, Prithu Rana, Sutra Raj Sakya and Kapil Shrestha. When some friends coerced him to write songs and because of his involvement in ‘Nawa Kala Kunj’, he was encouraged to write, compose and sing to his best ability.

When we look back at his music background, he was given an excellent opportunity to sing at Radio Nepal because of Natikaji, Shiva Shankar and Surendra Raj Sharma, the then secretary of Ministry of Information and Technology. When provided with the platform he sang outstanding songs one after another. That very first song which he sang was able to make him an instant household name. He sang this song together with Urmila Shrestha and his close friend Ganesh Rasik.

“Malai Pyaro Lagcha, Malai Ramro Lagcha
Lahara, Pahara, Chaharako Desh!”
Sung by: Hiranya Bhojpure, Urmila Shrestha and Ganesh Rasik, Lyrics and composition by: Hiranya Bhojpure

Hiranya Bhojpure was not only a fine musician but also had a very good educational background. His relation with people was excellent and was liked and respected by everyone around. He is still a respected figure and people do look up to him. He started singing when he was young and never even for a moment gave up on it. Even when he was working, he used to sing. In 2025 BS when The Student Union of Tribhuvan University had organized a singing competition, he was able to bag the first position. He took up his studies and music seriously simultaneously and when he received his Masters in Political Science, everyone was in disbelief.

He didn’t limit his talents to just singing but extended his horizon in writing as well. He has written more than 100 songs. Some of his published books are ‘Ma Geet Vitra’, ‘Chiten Ra Gori’ and ‘Lekaliko Sangeet Yatra’. He has also published some articles. As of now, he is working at a government office as a vice-secretary and is the president of Lekali Nepal. He is known widely as Hiranya Bhojpure more than Hiranya Shrestha which is his actual name. Hiranya Bhojpure he has composed about 84 songs and given his mesmerizing voice to an equal number of songs. He is popular not only among the old generation of music lovers but is loved by people of all ages as well.

“Basabasa Re Basaundhara Bahini
Gheu Khane Dadu Pancha Mero Baja
Ghumaune Tapari Basija…!”
Sung by: Indra Narayan, Lyrics and composition by: Hiranya Bhojpure

It was none other than his wife Urmila Shrestha who lent her voice to many of his creations. Besides her, Indra Narayan also sang to his works and the rest he sang it himself and the Lekalis sang some. He has toured many places in Nepal, many countries in Asia, some places in Europe, Africa, Egypt, Australia, Canada and even the States in regard to performances and cultural programs.

Hiranya Bhojpure has also contributed a lot to the folk music scene. His mother used to collect folk tunes and he used to sing them together with his wife. He has been honored with the prestigious title of Prabal Gorkha Dakchin Bahu besides many other awards and honors. In fact, he was able to win the first position in the singing competition organized by Radio Nepal twice. He also won numerous accolades for writing fabulous songs. He has also been honored with Birendra Subha Rajya Visekh Padak and Birendra Aishwarya Sewa Padak. and gives all the credit of his success to his wife.

Narendra Raj Prasai

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