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नइको चिनारी

Ganga Rana

The contributions made by Ganga Rana to adhunik music of Nepal is worth of an in depth mention. She was known for the ease with she sang not only adhunik songs but her knack of performing lok songs equally well. The patriotic numbers that she did were also excellent! She didn’t limit her talents to just singing but was also actively involved in composing and writing down songs. She represented Melwa Devi Gurung — another veteran artist — in its true sense. No wonder her name is always mentioned in the history books !

She was born on Poush 9, 1996 BS in Rumjatar, Okhaldhunga to Champa Singh Gurung and Chandra Devi Gurung Rana. Her parents had sent her to Kathmandu when she was still a kid with her elder sister and brother-in-law to pursue further education. But she started concentrating more on music rather than her education. Therefore, after completing her secondary level she decided to pursue her career in music.

Since her childhood, Ganga Rana used to find solace in singing and dancing. It was none other than her elder sister and brother-in-law who encouraged her to constantly strive in the field she was interested in. While in school — Gaushala Adhar School, Chabahil — she polished her skills by participating in various singing, dancing and acting activities.

She sang her first song at Radio Nepal when she was just 14 years old. During 2010 BS, she even worked at Radio Nepal. This was an opportunity for her to prove what she was worth to the mass. At the occasion of the coronation of Late King Mahendra, when she sang a number, she enthralled the crowd instantly. No one could stop praising her! In 2011 BS, when she had presented a patriotic number to welcome Chaw Yen Lai, the then prime minister of China during one of his visits here, she hit major headlines both here and abroad for her enchanting voice and singing capabilities.

In 2018 BS, she married Nur Pratap Rana. They had two sons — Kundan Pratap and Amir Pratap and a daughter Rakshya. Rakshya Rana is the first Nepali women pilot of Nepal. In 2018 BS Ganga Rana was offered a job to head the Rastiya Nachghar.

In 2016 BS, when Nepal Rastriya Pustakalaya had organized a cultural program, she was able to bag herself a gold medal for her acting skills. In 2019 BS, when Radio Nepal had organized Adhunik Singing Competition, she came second. In 2020 BS, she came first. In 2023 BS, when she was able to bag the first position in the singing competition, she was awarded by the late King Mahendra himself. In 2030 BS, she was honoured for her acting skills by the Cultural Association. In 2031 BS, she was awarded with Shree Pach Birendra Subharajyabisekh padak.

Her husband, so as to commemorate his wife’s dedication to music, had formed Nurganga Puraskar Guthi in 2049 BS. This Guthi pays respect to artists from Lumbini every year.

Ganga Rana expired on Falgun 9, 2052 BS. She is no more among us but her songs remind us of her greatness. Her contributions to the Music industry of Nepal as well as Nepal in general can never be forgotten.

Narendra Raj Prasai

Nepali to English
Translated by
Dipti Sherchan

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