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Biju Rimal

Biju Rimal is one of those rare, very much respected female personalities in the Music industry of Nepal. She was born on Falgun 24, 2002 BS in Nardevi, Kathmandu to Surya Bahadur Bhardwaj and Dil Hari Shrestha. Her mother was the one who encouraged and motivated her to sing. While Biju Rimal was still a kid, she used the pseudo name Mala Shrestha. Biju Rimal had scaled the heights of popularity with her talent in singing right from a young age. People had nothing but praises for her talent. However, her father had objections to her singing. Nevertheless, she used to get numerous invitations to sing from all over the place whenever any cultural programs were organized. It did take her time and she did face numerous difficulties. Whatever the circumstances may be at home, she made sure that she gave continuity to her passion in singing. She gives the credit of her success to none other than her mother and till the time she got married, she used her pseudo name.

Since her father was involved in politics, she spent some time in Patna, Bihar with her parents where she pursued her fifth and sixth grade education. After returning to Nepal, she was admitted at Padma Kanya Bidhya Ashram where she studied till class ten. During the same period, she used to sing for Tol Rakshya Organization, Nardevi and was able to establish herself as a talented singer. Kalyan Rimal paid frequent visits to her place to teach Biju Rimal music. When she was studying in class ten, she had to perform at a school function and that person was none other than Kalyan Rimal who had guided her through it.

After she completed her School Leaving Certificate (SLC) on Falgun 7, 2017 BS, she wished to settle down with Kalyan Rimal. She was just fifteen years old then. On Falgun 8, 2017 BS they got married. After the marriage, the couple started singing duet songs. It was also after the marriage that Biju Rimal started singing at Radio Nepal. It was in 2017 BS that she sang for the first time at Radio Nepal, considered a privilege those days.

On the other hand, her parents were not happy with her when she started singing under her own name. Since, theirs was a love marriage they were not accepted by his parents. During that time, they had taken shelter at Prem Rana’s house. With time, his uncle accepted their marriage and soon after, they started living at his uncle’s place. It was only after staying there for a month that they were allowed at his home. However, things had not changed at her parents place.

She was singing and with time, she was able to win the hearts of her family members. During 2018 BS, due to their work they had settled in Birgunj and that time, to be precise on Magh 18, 2018 BS they performed for King Mahendra. They still value this moment as the most memorable moment of their lives.

After the marriage, she joined Nepal Rastriya Bank where her husband was also appointed as an officer. In fact, she had started working as soon as she completed her SLC. Sometimes it was difficult for her to manage time, juggling between her work, chores at home and music. No matter the circumstances, she completed her education till BA and did B Music later on. While doing her MA, she decided to discontinue her education. After singing almost 70 songs, she started taking it slow. After working for nearly 30 years, she decided to quit the job at the bank as well.

Most of the songs done by her were composed by her husband and whenever she went for duet songs she sang only with her husband. She has been honored with Taradevi Samman. People who know her more closely, know her as a very simple, humble and a lovable person. The songs that she has sung may not be many in number but whatever she has sung, shall be forever mentioned in the history books.

Nepali to English
Translated by
Dipti Sherchan

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