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»  नइ प्रकाशन गैरराजनीतिक साहित्यिक, सांस्कृतिक र सामाजिक संस्था हो ।   


Usha Sherchan


A shrilly evening,
Jingling intoxication of death
Slow poison…!!!!
Unbent self respect
Emptying the bottles
Thirst is still there
Chowmin, momo, chicken curry, cutlet
Rolling eyes of vulture
Throughout the restaurant
Little intoxication
Little turmoil
Little impertinent
A brim-full wine
A puff and smoke o hemp
No rejoice without being sleepy
An unsuccessful trial for tranquility
Destroying my own palace of dreams
Plucking my own flower of desires

Don't know why
My liking of cactus nowadays
Don't know why
My liking of deserted place nowadays
Just after a gulp of drink
Kicking my own city of dreams
Trampling my own garden of dreams
Salute to this ugly life
Salute to this ugly future
These days I am loitering
Without aim, without intention
These days I am blooming without desire
How easily I am cheating myself
How easily I am breaking myself
Carrying intoxication of the restaurant in my eyes
Carrying turmoil of the restaurant in my heart

I am pushing myself from the solitary steep
I am throwing myself from the deserted steep
I've seen the dreams for nothing in the dam of unfriendliness
I've woven the desires too for nothing in the net of nothingness

Now you all can declare me,
A mad in this prison house
A lunatic too in this prison

I can't leave this place
Neither can I forget
Nor I can remember myself

I am searching just steep
I am waiting just a death.

Translated by
Dr. Banira Giri


In a gigantic cage
Locked vehicles keep rolling
Transporting empty passengers
Transporting empty breasts
In the silence one hears wails
And sobs
Covered volcanoes
In the emptiness, lives and
Become accursed

Lives are making merry
Deaths are joking and jesting
From close up all re-examine the
Carrying pathetic laughter
Piercing with frightful cries
From the space between fingers
Pitiful-life peeks out
Death peeks out as well
In a voice that breaks in unison
From the gutter
Life also flows
Life also flows
Voices cry in unison
Voices slice time
Perform an operation

Don't get in a frenzy to kill the
Before ray of hope get to shine
Don't get in a rage to set the dam
Before tides of emotion get to
Allow life to play without thought
For propriety
Shattering the long emptiness
Breaking the long silence
Allow life to play without for propriety
Shattering the long emptiness
Breaking the long silence
Allow life to turn over
Allow life to gain new dimensions

To make anticipation rest
The nerves have begun tingling
Insensibility has begun to take hold
Play with such forces that all the
Strings break
Don't let life get intoxicated
Sing with such power that the
Raga breaks
Don't let life become insensible

Don't let emptiness quash
Don't let silence prickle
Colours of life by playing
The strings of a guitar
Break the emotions by rubbing
The sharp strings of a sitar

So that all becomes bloody
Make life awake from the dream
With the piercing of instrument
Come, demolish the emptiness
Awakening from a dream

Oh! Who's trying to break
Through again
These soft waves
Oh! Why are they laughing again
These frightful deaths
Looks! Those who plot to take life
By tricking it into laughter
Look! Those who plan to tale
By flirting with life
Look! Those who think of taking
By playing with life

Death just sauntered by
Leaving behind anticipation
Death just turned away
Taking with it sweet hope.

Translated by
Manjushree Thapa

Sharadha Sharma


Once there was a time
when we  sang  our  song  together,
One identical tune.
There was no knowing when our journey started
but we  traveled  together  to  the  road's  divide.

In the course of time
our tune  was  pressed  into  oblivion,
our words  were   stored  in  unrecollection,
Memory itself   lapsed into shapelessness.
But  one  vague  melody  awoke  in  the  back  of  my  heart.
Deep inside
a  raga  heavy  with   love  awoke.
No matter what its content would be,
up  to  that  junction  we  felt  the  same  feeling.

In the strong current of time
our roads  divided,
our directions  diverged.
slowly,  slowly
our  song  started  to  pulse  in  our  throats  in  two 
different settings,
our melody  began  to  alter  itself
outside our  notice.
The meter went on evolving;
from the  same  evidence
our meanings  split  into  two  different  stories.

Very far
from the  source  of  our  common  music
in the  countless  divisions  of  our  journeys
I used to search out the common meaning.
I used to look for you
but I have  not  been  able  to  find another  junction
like the  one  that  divided us.

In the same sky
The breath of your sigh flows in one direction
while mine  flies  in  another.
The pain of our disintroduction
these many  years
we are trying  to  search  out  in  each  other's  eyes,
one old  division  is  already  left  behind
and,  there,  one  abandoned  song
circles in  confusion.
We are searching for each other.

Translated by
Manjul & Richard Duffer


In the aftermath of war
enclosing the future of the era in their small fists
our young children lay asleep
fatigued, in this crowd
Do not set fire at their sides
in the remnants of the fiend
lest the spirit of faith gets burnt too

The tears caught in their lashes
haven't dried as yet
Deep patches of devastation
evidently running down their cheeks
Troubled in sleep
they make sorrowful murmurs
Their mothers, who set out in hope of a dawn
did not return despite reassurances
sisters, brothers and fathers did not return
They had nightmares through the hours of darkness
those eyes, that should have had bright beautiful dreams
about flowers, butterflies and rainbows
saw mountains coming down
saw the roof getting lifted from their heads
and their homes destroyed

They had shouted slogans of revolution along with us
comprehending in parts, the meanings
Excitedly adding their childish voices
to the war song
resonating in this turn
These small, supple
hands and feet
spiritedly lifted in revolt
are hurt at this time
If they mumble in pain
if they get scared and wake up in the night
if they cry
hold their hands and comfort them
The responsibility of affection remains divided on our shoulders now
It's time we start to put together their dreams

Tomorrow morning
when they open their eyes
they should not feel the barrenness of affections
they should not find their ways blocked
Tomorrow's dawn should be close by
filled with all colors of creation, brightness and possibilities
there, in front of them
just a touch, a kiss away
There should be an eternal smile on their lips
From tomorrow
their sleep
should be free of disturbances
not spoilt with terror
It's up to us to create a new foundation
It's time we start
to melt away the  walls of obscurity
from their paths
To erase the insecurity
clouding their eyes

Translated by
Aparajita Acharya


You, I
the feel of our warm chests
beating with desires
Our dreams got devastated once
why lose heart?
Dreams can be woven again
after every eclipse the burnt out moon
slowly re-emerges with time, in dim colors
a full moon will come into view again 
rainbows will come out
in a bright, clear sky
in white cotton like fractions of clouds
our flowered dreams
will start to unfold in a hundred petals…

In a devastating stance
all identities shook to ruin
everything got eroded
many endearing episodes got
buried, washed away and ended
wounded, unarmed and exposed
you and I
in front of us remains the wrecked road
why lose heart?
pushing aside the rocks and earth
unhurried, we'll go till wherever we can reach
There's nothing that needs to be won in haste
nothing that would fade away if we lose
From this point onwards
lets re-begin the journey
a devotee entering a temple
a lover melted in love
a creator merging in the folds of creation
a believer disappearing in an eternal prayer
Lets start again
a bondless worship; a complete surrender
As long as life remains
in whatever guise
it is a blessing
Come along,
keeping aside the meaningless questions
of why so and how not
Wipe your tears
the best incidence of creation -life
is in front of us
that's why
nothing is charm less
nothing is insignificant
nothing is devoid of possibilities

Us, amidst this desolate backdrop
the first woman and man of creation
You are here
I am here
we can sow many beginnings
we have our eternal wishes
a future, and a whole lot of dreams…

Translated by
Aparajita Acharya



Every single night
Passes away by me
The light
Does not remain with me.

Every single morning
Before the enlightening of
Hopes into my eyes, if
It collapses
My eyes
Invite tears of rains.

Every nightmarish dusk
A hooligan-crowd wraps me
With a bundle of clothes
I do not remain with me.

Colors scatter
Into my darkness nut,
There portrays not a single

Transcreat itself
Into yellowish absurdity, with
Me – myself
No relationships relate with me
In the high voltage brightness of
Someone else,
Just like an accursed rock
A wounded Ahalya  [1]
The shattered shadow
I'm lying stone-death
Somewhere here.

This moment
In the mountain of
Lost illusion
Being the interrogation of
Relative totality
Am learning against the wall of
Forgotten existence.

Translated by

[1] Ahalya- a mythological Hindu woman known for her devotional love who turned into rock waiting for her lover.


From a void
A flowery image has fallen
Upon a village of stone.

The distance between
Flower and thorn
Being so near yet so far and quiet
On the same bed.

Like a Greek civilization
At the moment of your blooming
Reminiscing your debonair smile amidst the thorn
I just forgot to pray the God.

Innumerable tears you hide!
Your image into the broken mirror
Like love
Is reflecting much beautifully
Whether you eclipse from eyes
Being fade away from the heavy Sun
What a mad I become of
To recognize you even in the dark.

Eyes playing hide & seek with a flower
A sad thing.
From here will start
The upcoming pretty faults.

Translated by


Every morning
I become a prisoner of my dreams. But;
I do not deserve to be understood a criminal
Into the eyes.

Now I am taking a flight
Eclipsing from the interrogating eyes
Towards a faraway land of my own psyche
A graveyard of my memories
Would not be discovered.

I am feeling
In this hour
From a closed lips of rose
Omniform smell of sorrows
Are spreading
Similarly a man's conscience
Would have already been semi-fossilized
Into the blackhole of his own mind like Birupaksha.

Into the Nostalgia!
Life, really is
Much worth living.

Translated by